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"Every Child Needs Someone Who They Think Hung The Moon and Stars!"

Josh Ruse


Josh Ruse here, and I want to thank you for stopping by personally.


As an educational consultant, I have been fortunate to help thousands of teachers, administrators, and school staff from all over the world to help support and create a school climate that has a safe and supportive learning environment. The main goal of a safe school environment is to teach students positive behavior strategies to cultivate student success and make positive behavior the norm school-wide. 

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Classroom Success 101

Join me for a weekly podcast where I interview teachers and school leaders worldwide on effective classroom management and their secrets on what works when solving those tough classroom behavior problems. 

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Mrs.RainSoto Middle School Teacher

"I've learned so much from your content and training! I have utilized many of your strategies in my classroom, which continue to help me with classroom management! "


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